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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Win a Custom Jigging Rod

To the winner goes the spoils...

Team Jigstrong member Anuvat has graciously offered to build a custom rod for the person who catches the biggest fish at the upcoming Jigstrong Jigfest on May 1st. For anyone who has ever seen his work you know how incredible it is. Andy's attention to detail is second to none. Every rod that he builds is a unique work of art...a work of art that is built to battle big fish.

So rest up- Jigfest is right around the corner, and you aren't going to want to take a minute off.

Team Jigstrong


  1. Yes, make sure that you are fit enough to make drop after drops, the more you drop the better the chances of you landing that triple digit fish....Al, I think you're fit enough. We might need a separate boat for your muscles;)

  2. hahahaha...Al isn't qualify for the rod since he is too STRONG!! LOL! Just kidding Mr. Fichera!

  3. I've been dropping cinder blocks off of my porch and reeling them back up just to get ready...bring on the pain!

  4. fair excluding me...I will file an "old man' dispute.

    Seriously I can't wait until anyone (Dan) planning to go to Fla or somewhere else for huge grouper or something have my number!!!

  5. Al- I may try to get to Hatteras for the bluefin jig bite with Chip...if it happens I'll give you a shout!