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Friday, May 21, 2010

Studio Ocean Mark 16000 No Limits

Alright guys, this is something that you guys might want to know when buying this upgrade spool. I got my spool from Paul at Saltywater yesterday and was looking at it and as many of you guys know, I'm very picky and look at everything carefully, well when I was looking at the spool (from the front) it looks oval and NOT ROUNDED (Circle). If someone get this same spool and it does look weird then it is ok. Here is the translation from Studio Ocean Mark Website. The Spool is call "Daen Ring" OVAL SHAPED SCANDIUM SPOOL RING. "During casting, PE line often has trouble such as wrapping on the guides as well as backlashing. We were able to correct this problem with our new design. By using this scandium material we were able to make the spool ring not only lighter but incredibly strong." If you guys look at the picture carefully you will see that it is oval. The widest part of the spool is about 3mm wider than the narrowest part. Keep in mind this is only limit to "THE NO LIMITS" Spool.