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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

We have lift off!

Welcome to Jigstrong and the Jigstrong blog! What started as an email brainstorm all those months ago has finally become a reality. By now you have probably had a chance to look around the site a bit, and we hope you like what you see.

Over the coming weeks and months we will be adding more and more content, so check back often. As always, we hope that you will take an active role in the development of the site and will let us know if there are things that you think should be added.

Fish hard, laugh hard, fight hard.

Team Jigstrong


  1. Awesome..can't wait to talk to you guys daily!!!!

  2. Me neither soon as everyone signs in this should be a blast. Glad you like the site so far!

  3. HI !! Glad to be here. looks like i'll have to retire my 130's and try one of those "Skinny Sticks" as i have said "I just need One More Cast" .

    .. Or is it "One More Drift" LOL

  4. You're welcome on Fired Up any time Don! I know the little ones aren't much compared to the giants that you've been catching for years, but they sure are fun on lighter tackle. Last year was your first little guy stand up on a 50- this year will be your first little guy with a spinning rod!

  5. Thanks brother! You've got to figure out a way to make an oyster toad hit a jig- I want to see you up on the leader board with the world record!!!

  6. Sooooo... when does apparel launch? im going on a month of crazy fishing(March) and i would rock the JigStrong hat and T IF they were available.

  7. AAron- you'll be happy to know that they should be here very soon. Thanks for your patience, and keep checking back!

    Sooo....a month of crazy fishing? Where will that be? You haven't even told me yet and I'm already jealous!

  8. it was going to be March in Key West - 5th-25th. BUT, the boat i was going to be spending the time on is dry docked and wont be back in the water in time. so, plans ruined. BUT im still gonna fish like crazy all march long, and the JigStrong gear will get ALMOST as much publicity, i will just be doing it out of St. Petersburg, FL instead of Key West.

    Cant wait for my hats and Ts!

  9. Have you guys thought about adding a "Tackle" page?? you know what im thinking? like a list of good quality shops that sell, build, what-have-you, jigging supplies?
    that would be a nice resource for someone new to jigging that finds this site. get them on their way

  10. Well if you do end up going to Key West, be sure to look up Pepe from he is the guy who put me on the 300+ pound goliath and the sawfish in the same day. Great dude. Speaking of goliaths, the Tampa/St Pete area has some of the biggest…if you put your mind to it you could probably top that 300# mark!

    As for the suggestion, that is a great one and could be accomplished as we build out the Knowledge/Equipment page. Thanks for the great suggestion.

    BTW, we proofed a shirt today and it is going to be sick! We should have it soon too.

    Thanks for checking back in dude!


  11. i wouldnt even begin to know how to target goliaths!! i am pretty new to this and still learning... i leave the jew fish for when i have a LITTLE bit more confidence in my fishing ability! hahaha.
    BUT, next time im down there ill definitely hit up Pepe for a day of awesome fishing!