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Tuesday, March 9, 2010

NC Bluefin ... Part 2

ZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ A common sound on the water although Adam would say that was me snoring the night before. LOL I was really excited to get to fish with such great anglers such as John Flores, Adam and Dante. They each have their own styles and man can they fish. They get all the credit for a great day on the water. Seriously I was wondering how I would even fare with these heavy hitters on the boat with me. John as you know is the most complete angler I have fished with other than Sami. Dante can bring the f*** heat to a fish in short time and Adam kicked ass on some really big fish on his first tuna jigging trip and although he never jigged tuna before his fishing background reads like a world tour highlight reel. We left at 5am out of Hatteras with high hopes and captain Dan, first stop it was all albacore so we went to the captains suggested spot based on temps and history. We were not disappointed. I was slammed immediately followed by John, Dante & Adam. We release Johns fish, then Dantes fish and Adam and I fought on. We decided to take my fish as Adam was having reel issues and soon after I boated my first 70" tuna of the season Basically all day it was non stop action of being lit up, but in the end I am proud to say our group went 12 for 15 on all fish over 67". Only two fish were lost and one was eaten by a hungry shark. Some Hightlights - we went 12 for 15 - I had had 4 fish including a 70" fish - John Flores had 3 fish including a 71" 200 pound brute - Dante had 4 fish and really beat their asses - Adam had 1 fish in the 70" class but an assist on several others Personally I enjoyed the company of my friends & my Bojangles fried chicken

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